building excellent product teams is too hard

turn on a new product team within weeks

How long will it take you to recruit, hire, onboard, train, and manage individual team members and then turn them into a highly functioning team?

What if you could just turn on a squad of 2 – 7 Engineers + PM & Design who already have coaching, pairing, code reviews, and direct support from over 60 other team members?

" They were literally shipping code by the end of the first week against features they pulled out of my head and helped me prioritize." – Charles

You should keep chugging away your six to nine month recruiting process. But, meanwhile, you might want to turn on a fully-managed, super-productive team within weeks.

Not sure whether a squad like this could solve your problems?

We get it. For ten years everyone has been telling us we need to pick a niche. But, our squads have impacted so many different industries and business models that we realized the squad is the niche.

Within the same few months:

✅ A public company hired a large squad to help scale their $1.2B acquisition of a new product and accelerate the integration. Three weeks later, they asked for their second large squad.

✅ Two different startups hired small squads to deploy go-to-market applications to unlock revenue and more funding. They both closed additional funding. One of them sent offers to join the founding team. The other started a whole new product line.

✅ A traditional mid-market business hired a double-squad to take over a total failure of an application they outsourced to the cheapest bidder, which the team completely transformed into "the best in class software for our space - and now we need to re-evaluate what we want to do with our business."

Our squads are experts at ingesting problems that need to be solved and delivering continuous improvements very quickly.

We cannot wait to learn about your business and your needs.

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    There is a saying,
    "If you want to go fast, go alone;
    if you want to go far, go together."

    But, you deserve to have it all:

    If you want to go further faster, hire a squad.

    You are not alone in your struggle to move further faster. Hundreds of founders and leaders have asked us for help.

    🌞 Director of Customer Experience, Solar Energy Company:

    We wanted to make it easier for our homeowners to provide referrals so we hired a team to build a web-based and mobile app. They built everything from scratch using Elixir and React Native. We worked very closely with them and leveraged their technical knowledge to design exactly what we were looking for. They’re very smart and always find ways to make our ideas happen.

    🚛 Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Logistics Company:

    They delivered our initial MVP more quickly than expected. We’ve also been able to raise $1 million in pre-seed funding within three months of engaging with them. The MVP they’ve built has definitely been effective in helping us close that investment round.
    Then, beyond seven months of partnership with them, we’ve been able to raise an additional $2.5 million in a proper seed round. Overall, our success has been largely due to the proprietary technology they have been able to develop and demonstrate.

    👩🏽‍⚕️ CEO, Healthcare Professional Networking Tool

    We started off by working collaboratively on wireframes and designs. From there, they built the platform from scratch using Elixir.
    They are responsive and prioritize well. Additionally, the team was able to understand our business and ROI concepts. That allowed us to have a more streamlined, efficient partnership.

    🔋Senior Operations Manager, Energy Company

    The overall experience has been stress-free. They provided us with a reliable team which we could count on to complete the deadlines they assigned themselves in a high-quality manner. We could not be happier with their productivity and the software that they ultimately designed for us.

    We've rolled out the site to only 10-20% of the people that will eventually use it. We plan to introduce the rest throughout the month of May. The feedback from the ones who have begun to use it has been overall positive.

    What could you do with a squad like that?

    Our squads can either plug right into your existing team and workflows, or hit the ground running as a standalone unit with their own opinionated and dialed-in lean-agile process and tooling.